Town of Washburn

Town of Washburn
Plan Commission Meeting
Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm at the properties or (if raining) 7:00pm at the town hall

1. Call meeting to order and verify legal notification.

2. Approve minutes of meeting on April 8, 2021.

3. Review driveway permit application and preliminary development plan for Adam & Chelsie Anderson to place a Recreational Vehicle in an Agriculture 1 zoning district on their 20-acre parcel (N½N½NE¼SE¼ + N½N½NW¼SE¼ Section 10 T.48N R.5W; Tax ID#: 34783 + #34785; ~74405 Ondossagon Rd, SW of Nevers Road intersection).

4. Review driveway permit application and county Class A permit application for Recreational Vehicle placement in a Forestry 1 zoning district for Dean & Martha Franke on their 40-acre parcel (NE¼NE¼ Section 21 T.49N R.5W; Tax ID#: 30918; ~78855 Church Corner Road).

5. Elect secretary and vice chair if all commissioners are present.

6. Discuss options for public involvement in updating the town’s comprehensive plan.

7. Set date and time for next meeting.

8. Announcements

9. Adjournment.

* Commission members will conduct site visits at 6:15pm at the Ondossagon Rd site and 6:40pm at the Church Corner Rd site prior to the meeting and will start the meeting at the property after the site visit. In case of rain, the meeting will be at the town hall. Contact chair Kim Bro (715 373 0214) in advance of the meeting to receive a copy of the driveway permit applications.