Town of Washburn

April 18, 2017 Annual Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Bruce Hokanson. Meeting minutes were posted in the three public places and published in the Daily Press.

Minutes from the April 19, 2016 meeting were read. Motion by Kim Bro and a second by Phil Freeman to accept minutes as read. Motion carried.

Scott Sandstrom talked on up grading Internet Service in the Township by Century Link, as they have received FCC Funds for this upgrade. Scott said by this fall or early next spring the work should be completed.

Bruce Hokanson talked on all the damage from the storms this summer and the impact on the roads. A lot of time was spent on this from our road crew. Road work needs to be done on Priest Road due to a couple moving in there. Bayfield County Zoning wanted a different form filled out for the gravel pit on Wannebo Road. With help from Zoning, the job was completed. Gravel prices are expected to come in at around $16.25 a ton and crushed black top at $17.10 a ton. Nancy Hanson said how wonderful the crushed black top is on Paulson Road.

Wendy Stein talked on putting all the property into community forest program. A motion by Jim Miller and a second by Kathleen Russel to make a resolution to the Board as follows: That the citizens present at this Town of Washburn Annual Meeting direct the Board to put the four parcels of Town property into a State Community Forest Program. Ayes 27, Nays. Motion carried.

A motion by Kathleen Russel and a second by Jeff Pipgras to make a resolution to the Board as follows: Be it resolved that for instances involving the purchase or sale of Town assets, The Town Board shall be required to advertise for bids if the expected value of the assets is greater than $5000.00. Ayes 21, Nays 14. Motion carried.

Steve Bade asked that the Land Fill monitoring be brought up at the annual meeting every year.

Motion made to have the next Annual Meeting on the second Tuesday after the election, April 17, 2018.Motion carried.

Motion by Jim Miller and a second by Phil Freeman to adjourn. Motion carried.

Kerry Tetzner, Clerk



BRUCE HOKANSON                         KERRY TETZNER                 JOHN HARTZELL                STEVEN TETZNER

MIKE HARVEY                                PAT GUSKE                        RUTH HARTZELL                PATSY TETZNER

KEITH FLEIG                                  PHIL TETZNER                    SCOT SANDSTROM           BOB SHORT

ANDREA HOKONSON                      JOE SCHOLL                       LANCE TWOMBLY              CAROLYN STEMAN

SHIRLEY HAUGEN                           WENDY STEIN                    PHIL FREEMAN                  RON RECHEL

BRENDA RECHEL                            KATHLEEN RUSSEL              JOYCE ZIFKO                    DAVE COOK                       

MIKE McKENNA                              LEA ROLSON                       BOB GROSS                      KIM BRO

BERCKY BROWN                             STEVE BADE                       DOUG BALINGER               JEFF PIPGRAS

JOE TETZNER                                 JAN CARLSON                    KEN CARLSON                   BILL RALPH

KAREN COZIE                                 NANCY HANSON                 JIM MILLER                       RICHARD MIHALEK