Town of Washburn

October 25, 2018

Special Board Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m. Present: Bruce Hokanson, Kerry Tetzner, Steven Tetzner, John Harzell, Lynn Devine, Dennis Pocernich, Jim Miller, Sue Sanders, John Nyara, Don Jenicek and Mark Schribner.

Meeting notices were properly posted in the three public places and published in the Daily Press.

A discussion on the Broad Band Grant with the following three Townships, Town of Washburn, Town of Bayview and Town of Barksdale. There has to be a place in the Township of Washburn to have Broad Band accessibility for people to use for a two year period. It was decided that each Township and Bayfield County would put an amount in to be decided at a later date to see if the Grant is approved.

A resolution was going to be written up by Lynn Devine and send to Kerry Tetzner and Wanda Hyde to fix up for their Township. The resolution will be brought before the Boards on their next Regular Board Meeting.

A motion and a second to adjourn.



Kerry Tetzner, Clerk