Town of Washburn

June 14, 2016

Regular Board Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.. Present: Bruce Hokanson, Kerry Tetzner, John Hartzell, Steven Tetzner, Mike Harvey, Dave Campbell, Pat Guske, Denny Bachand, Jackie Bachand, Michelle Davalos, Chuck Groves, Signa Groves, Jerry Haugen, Jack Olson and Donna Chapman.

Meeting notices were properly posted in the three public places and published in the Daily Press.

Meeting minutes from the May 10, 2016 meeting were read and written copies given to the Board Members. Motion by John Hartzell and a second by Steven Tetzner to accept as presented. Motion carried. All Ayes

Donna gave Treasurer’s report.   All books are balanced. Snow plow bills are being paid. Motion by Steven Tetzner and a second by John Hartzell to accept report. Motion carried. All Aye.

Mike Harvey gave crew report. The 2” minus rock and the crushed black top were delivered. Ashland Construction is going to spread gravel on Paulson Road next week. The culvert will be put in on Church Corner Road this week. The brakes and the muffler are on the Dump Truck. The new blades on the mower tractor are working. A motion by Steven Tetzner and a second by John Hartzell to accept report. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Dave Campbell from the US Forest Services talked on working with the Town on fixing Forest Roads and clearing the right of ways. The US Forest Service wants a place to stock pile a 1000 tons of 2” minus rock. A motion by Bruce Hokanson and a second by Steven Tetzner to stock pile it in the Wannebo pit. Motion carried. All Ayes.  Horse Shoe Camp Ground is in the works of reopening.

There was a discussion from Denny and Jackie Bachand of having County C from Mckinely Road to Big Rock Road posted for ATV’s to use. The County has to put up the signs at a cost of $500.00. Denny said he would pay for half if the Town would pay the other half. A motion was made by StevenTetzner and a second by John Hartzell to put up the signs with Denny Bachand paying for half and the Town paying for the other half. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Some estimates on black topping on Nevers Road and Wannebo Road were discussed. Northwoods Paving cost for Wannebo, one mile for a 2’ overlay was about $89,000.00, and a one inch center line pass seven foot wide was around $52,000.00. An overlay on Nevers Road of one inch 3000 feet was about $43,000.00. There will be more discussion on this later.

A building permit for a house for Chris Ekholm at NE ¼ of SW ¼ Section 16 Township 48N Range 5W was approve by the Board.

A discussion on mowing on the sides of the roads. No action was taken, so it was tabled.

A motion and a second to pay all current bills.

A motion and a second to adjourn.


Kerry Tetzner, Clerk