Town of Washburn

November 28, 2016        

A special Board meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.. Present: Bruce Hokanson, Kerry Tetzneer, John Hartzell, Steven Tetzner, Mike Harvey, Buz Raspotnik, Joyce Zifko, Wendy Stein, Ron Rechel, Brenda Rechel, Bob Adams, John Olson, Bob Mattson, Phil Freeman, Paul Lanman, Kathleen Russel, Steve Bade, Karen Bade, Micheal McKenna, Lea Rolssen, and Kim Bro.

Meeting notices were timely posted in the Daily Press and posted in the three public places in the Town.

Buz Raspotnik spoke and said he had sent a registered letter to the Willows and it came back undelivered. He has a list of Amendments he was willing to add to the Contract. 1. Scarify in areas other than those regenerating to aspen to enhance oak and pine regeneration. 2. Brush perimeter along south edge of old dump site to discourage ATV access. 3. Buffer a maximum of 30 feet along north portion of the west 40 acres. 4. Seed roads when job is finished. 5. Cut pine last to encourage regeneration on the scarified ground. Reserve some pine trees for continued seed source. The Town of Washburn has agrees to extend the date of termination date of the logging sale to December 31, 2020. He also said he does not want to get out of the contract and to buy him out of it would be $30,000.00 and $500.00 a day every day past November 28, 2016.

Mike Harvey and Jason Bodin from the forestry walked through the property. Mike Bodin said that it was time for it to be harvested and that the work that Buz had done, road put in, marking of the property was in the range of $10,000.00 to 15,000.00 and that the prices in the contract were good. He also said that 10 basal is now the practice on harvesting timber.

Joseph LeBouton from the DNR said that everything being done was in line with the way they are now harvesting trees.

Phil Freeman had a list of a few things: 1. Keep the prices as they currently are. 2. Mark the leave trees and leave 3 square feet of basal area per acre in the oak areas. Where aspen comprises at least 30% of the basal area will be clear cut. 3. Leave all of the red and white pine more than 10” in diameter. 4. That Buz is responsible for seeding the road when finished.

The Board discussed the above and said that the Lawyer, John Carlson said it was a sound contract and that the Board had done everything correct. Mike Bodin from the Forestry said the prices and management of the property was according to the way it should be. Joseph LeBouton from the DNR also said the same thing. The concern of the landfill cap was not in danger due to logging.

A motion by Steven Tetzner and a second by Bruce Hokanson to add the amendments from Buz to the contract and to begin logging. Motion carried.  Two ayes, one abstaining.

A motion by Steven Tetzner and a second by John  Hartzell to adjourn. Motion carried.

Kerry Tetzner, Clerk