Town of Washburn

May 23, 2016

Special Board Meeting called to order at &: p.m.. Present: Bruce Hokanson, KerryTetzner, John Hartzell, Steven Tetzner, Desi Sipsas and Eric Dymesich.

Meeting notices were posted in the three public places and published in the Daily Press.

Bids were opened for crushed black top and gravel from six contractors, South Shore Sand and Gravel, Sipsas Excavating, Ashland Construction, K V Tech Construction, Bob Olson & Co. and Northwoods Paving.

A motion was made by John Hartzell and a second by Steven Tetzner to award the following bids to:

1600 tons gravel spread                                                Ashland Construction                                     $20,464.00

600 tons gravel stock piled                                           Ashland Construction                                     $7,674.00

750 tons crushed black top spread                           Sipsas Excavating                                             $11,955.00

550 tons crushed black top stock piled                    Sipsas Excavating                                             $8,767.00

600 tons 2” minus spread                                             K V Tech                                                               $9,102.00

150 tons 2” minus stock piled                                     Ashland Construction                                     $2,109.00

Motion passed. All Ayes.

Meeting adjourned.

Kerry Tetzner, Clerk