Town of Washburn

Snow Plowing Guidelines for Town of Washburn Roads

According to state statues, the main reason there is a town government, is to have and maintain safe town roads. Snow plowing and sanding the town roads is part of this maintenance. This does not necessarily mean getting town residents to work on time; it does mean plowing and sanding roads with the heaviest traffic flow and roads that are school bus routes first.

Remember, we live in a rural setting in a norther climate beside a large lake that has the potential of generating a lot of snowfall, and most of us live here by our own choice. We rely on the town road crew to maintain and keep the town roads plowed and sanded. It should go without saying that now all 12" snowfalls are created equally. The variables are temperature, wind speed and rate of snowfall. Also, due to the topography of the Town of Washburn we can have as many as 3 or 4 different weather events with varying amounts of precipitation going on.

Our town road crew does a find job of clearing the roads in the winter and we can be assured that they will do their best to make the roads safe for the town residents and others who drive through our town. During extreme storm conditions such as a whiteout the road crew will not work.

Following is the order roads will usually be plowed and sanded to optimize efficiency and eliminate back-tracking. Circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment breakdown etc. could cause changes to this procedure.

Mike Harvey with the Town Grader

Partial plow from Town Hall south on McKinley/left on Ondossagon to intersection w/Wannebo/full pass south Ondossagon to Engoe then full pass from intersection of Wannebo and Ondossagon east to Highway 13. Then, full pass on Nevers, Bjork, Engoe from Ondossagon to Strecker and Strecker to Wannebo, across Wannebo to Pajala, and back to Wannebo. Finish up Wannebo then turn off Wannebo onto Paulson and plow Paulson to Church Corner.

Pat Guski with the Town Plow/Sand Truck

Sand Mike Harvey's single pass from town hall south on Mckinley/left on Ondossagon the the intersection w/Wannebo. Turn right on Wannebo plow while simultaneous sanding to the intersection fo Wannebo and Church Corner. Turn right on Church Corner plow/sand north to end of Church Corner turn around and plow/sand south to Wannebo. Turn around, drive back to turn right Paulson plow/sand Paulson to County C. Turn east on County C then right on Hove, plow sand Hove. Turn right on County C to Big rock, plow/sand Big Rock to to Maki then back to County C. From here, plow/sand South Maple Hill, West Maple Hill, North Maple Hill, Colberg and both parts of Old C, then sand what Mike has plowed.

When these roads are done, the crew will catch the remaining dead end roads. After that, the driveways that have been signed up for plowing will be completed. This entire procedure usually takes 2-4 days dependent on the length of the storm.

We also have to be responsible for our own ability to get around in the snow. Those residents in the town who don't have their own plow vehicle or an all wheel drive vehicle might want to explore other options of snow removal if they must be able to travel immediately after a major snowfall.

Your Cooperation and understanding are appreciated.

The Washburn Town Board