Town of Washburn



I, the undersigned have read the 2019-2020 Snowplow Policy of the Town of Washburn and hereby request private snowplowing service as offered by the Town of Washburn.  I certify that my driveway (or rented driveway) conforms to the Town’s Driveway Ordinance (see below or refer to Driveway Permits/ Ordinance) and I understand I will be charged each time the crew and equipment are dispatched for clearing driveways.  The Town, its officials and employees will not be held responsible for any personal injuries or property damage when the Town of Washburn is engaged in snowplowing.

Please Print:

NAME                                                                             TELEPHONE #                                                       
ROAD NAME AND NUMBER                                                                                                                           

SIGNATURE                                                                              DATE                                                          
Attention Renters:  Name and Address of person from whom you are renting (required)


Options  (Check type of service you are requesting):
A: (   )  Driveway snowplowing (resident landowner)     (   )  Driveway snowplowing (renter) $200 Deposit required
B: (   )  Wingback Snowbanks on Request  ($60 Deposit required of renters)

Late filing fee - $10 charge for all applications sent after October 31th. (Non refundable)

This form must be completely fill out and filed with the Town Treasurer by October 31st, 2019. No plowing will be done without completion of this form.  Any and all unpaid bills incurred by residents, be they landowners or renters, will be added to the tax statement and all future services denied.  Make checks payable to:   Treasurer, Town of Washburn and mail to: PO Box 26, Washburn, WI 54891
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cut here and retain lower portion for your information


Minimum road surface width                                              12 ft
Minimum width clearance between trees                              24 ft
Minimum height clearance free of trees, wires, etc.               14 ft
Maximum grade                                                                10 per cent
At the dead end of all driveways, a turn-around of at least 25 ft radius, or some other method to allow vehicles to turn around, shall be provided as determined by the Town Board.
Any damage to Town or Emergency vehicles due to non-compliance with these standards will be billed to the resident / landowner.